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Chapter X - Forms

ILL Request Forms - Submit Online

Statewide Delivery Customer Service Form

Application Update Workslip.doc28 KB
Absence Form.doc31 KB
Cargo Calendar.xls167.5 KB
Conference Request.doc23.5 KB
Credit Card Policy.doc23.5 KB
Donation Record.doc20.5 KB
Emergency Medical Form.doc24 KB
eBook Patron Card Update Form.pdf327.37 KB
eBook Instructions 2014.pdf807 KB
Expense Form 2014.xls36.5 KB
Fax Cover Sheet.doc29 KB
Homebound Classroom Interview.doc21 KB
Homebound Cover Letter.doc22.5 KB
Homebound Delivery Label.doc20 KB
Homebound Interview.doc21 KB
Homebound Log.doc102 KB
Homebound Financial Responsibility.doc21 KB
HRA Reimburse Form.doc47.5 KB
HRA Reimburse Form.pdf36.52 KB
Incident Form.doc24 KB
Interlibrary Loan Check Your Shelves Fax.doc32.5 KB
Interlibrary Loan Periodical and Article Request.pdf37.96 KB
Interlibrary Loan Subject Request.pdf45.83 KB
Interlibrary Loan Title Request.pdf156.27 KB
Interlibrary Loan Update Form.pdf33.28 KB
Item Repair Form.doc43 KB
Leave of Absence.doc22 KB
Leave without Pay.doc28 KB
Library Card Exchange Workslip.doc21.5 KB
Lost Damaged Form.doc21.5 KB
Material Reconsideration.doc34 KB
Monthly Statistics Eservices.doc28 KB
Monthly Statistics Outreach.doc77 KB
Monthly Statistics PSTL.doc143 KB
Monthly Statistics Resources.doc49 KB
Outgoing-Shipments.xls36 KB
Patron Update SEO Library.doc25 KB
PEP Forms PSTL.doc37.5 KB
PEP Forms Staff.doc36.5 KB
Petty Cash Reconciliation.xls17.5 KB
Photography Release Form.pdf68.7 KB
Presenters Contract.doc21 KB
Problem Item Form - ACM.pdf156.13 KB
Problem Item Form - ACN.pdf156.67 KB
Problem Item Form - ACP.pdf155.01 KB
Problem Item Form - ACW.pdf158.74 KB
Public Use Display Areas.doc21.5 KB
Refund Workslip.doc45.5 KB
Requisition.doc93.5 KB
Shelf Reading Table.doc66.5 KB
Sample Week Customer Satisfaction Survey.doc32 KB
Sample Week Daily Reference Tally.doc19 KB
Sample Week Food for Fines Donation Log.doc21 KB
Sample Week Measuring Library Services p44.doc21.5 KB
Sample Week Measuring Library Services p45.doc20.5 KB
Sample Week Measuring Library Services p46.doc23.5 KB
Sample Week Persons Entering Library.doc22 KB
Sample Week Summary.doc41 KB
Staff Development Report.doc28 KB
Suspend UMS Recovery.doc22 KB
Team Agenda Manchester.doc112.5 KB
Team Agenda North Adams.doc112 KB
Team Agenda Peebles.doc112 KB
Team Agenda West Union.doc112 KB
Team Minutes Manchester.doc114 KB
Team Minutes North Adams.doc113.5 KB
Team Minutes Peebles.doc113.5 KB
Team Minutes West Union.doc113 KB
Training Report Form.doc25.5 KB
Training Report Form Webjunction.doc23 KB
Transient Internet Priviledge.doc22 KB
Vacation Leave.doc31.5 KB
Volunteer Application.doc35.5 KB
Volunteer Guidelines.doc22 KB
Volunteer Log.xls14.5 KB

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