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Staff Directory


Nicholas Slone - Executive Director

Glenda Jones - Fiscal Officer

Charlene Hull - Communications Assistant

Support Staff

Brenda Ballinger - Collection Development Specialist

Serpell Adkins - Adult Outreach Specialist

Jessica Dooley - Information Technology Specialist

Deborah Bankhead - Youth Outreach Specialist

Mary Gaffin - Technical Services Librarian

Laura Thornton - Technical Services Clerk

Substitute Staff

Brenda Arrasmith

Vicky Danielson

Nancy Eubanks

Sue Martin

Dee Tumidolsky

Marilyn Wharton

Anna Young

Manchester Public Library

Peggy McCartney - Library Clerk / Public Service Team Leader

Pat Ellis - Library Assistant

Donelle Lacy - Library Clerk

Cheryl Smitson - Custodian

North Adams Public Library

Kris Lanham - Library Assistant / Public Service Team Leader

Sue Eldridge - Library Clerk

Ginger Breitenbach - Library Clerk

Peebles Public Library

Beverly Kiser - Library Assistant / Public Service Team Leader

Robyn Ritz - Library Assistant / Deputy Fiscal Officer

Sherry Thompson - Library Assistant

West Union Public Library

Tara Dryden - Library Assistant / Public Service Team Leader

Adam Roades - Library Clerk

Astrid Johnson - Library Clerk

Jeannie Gordley - Library Clerk

Sharon Barr - Custodian

Upcoming Events

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